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The Next Decade of Nursing: NAM Town Halls Explore How New Roles, New Tech, and Social Needs Are Transforming the Field

In King County, as is true across the nation, we face major barriers to achieving health equity and social justice. Barriers include historical and current underinvestment in the social determinants of health, and severe fragmentation in the delivery of health care, social, and public health services. One promising solution for addressing these barriers is the rise of cross-sector partnerships that aim to bridge clinical and community settings. In order to be successful, such partnerships typically require some level of information sharing across partners, but the current state of data fragmentation makes this difficult. As expert negotiators with a practice grounded in person-centered care and cultural humility, nurses can serve as effective cross-sector data sharing champions. Learn more about this topic by watching a Future of Nursing 2030 Seattle Town Hall presentation at (Panel 2: Eli Kern).


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Public Health Colleagues!

Dorene Hersh, Chief of Nursing

Dorene Hersh, Chief of Nursing

As you have read in the year-end email communications from our leadership, Public Health has had an exceptionally productive year.  On July 1st, the Nursing Office began our 4 year, 2.8 million dollar grant to prepare the next generation of ambulatory care nurses.  We are leveraging the work of this grant across the department to support the training and development of our nursing and medical assistant staff. Look for more information and sharing of this resource in 2019 and beyond.

Thank you for another year serving the residents of King County.  We have the privilege of working in this amazing organization, making a difference in the lives of many.  I am very proud to support you in the care you provide to our community.  Have a safe, happy and healthy 2019.

The Washington Center for Nursing has just released their nursing workforce report. It made me curious to know what our internal statistics were in comparison.  I’ve highlighted interesting data from the report below, with our data at the end of this blog post.    Read More…

Public Health – Our Health

During Nurse’s Week 2018 the Office of Nursing launched a blog to bring about awareness to the important role that Public Health plays in the care of our community. In the spirit of friendly competition we decided to invite our nursing group to send in suggestions for our official “Name Our Blog Contest”.  After recieving many deserving entries the Office of Nursing is thrilled to announce our winner, Paul Kunkel. His entry was simplistic and to us, embodied our mission at Seattle & King County Public Health. Here are Paul’s thoughts surrounding his entry:

“I suggested that our Nursing Office blog be named “Public Health – Our Health” because I have worked in Public Health for over 27 years – 15 with Chelan-Douglas Health District and 12 with Seattle & King County.  When most people discuss health care, they focus on primary care, procedures, and hospitalizations.  For those of us who work under the radar in Public Health, we know that everyone benefits from the safety net we have built.  Our focus is on prevention and holistic health.  We provide nurturing prenatal, pediatric and family planning care.  We prevent epidemics, strive to diminish community health problems and are prepared to provide services during catastrophic events.  Public Health programs provide a solid foundation for everyone’s health – our health.” ~ Paul

Please join us in celebrating Public Health – Our Health and the extraordinary work that our Nurses do to improve the health of our community!

Blog Winner

Paul Kunkel, Public Health Nurse (left) and Amy Curtis, Nurse Recruiter (right) at Columbia City Center for Public Health

Her Passion Now: “Preparing Nurses To Build Resilience In Our Community”

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This article was originally posted on As the chief nursing officer at Public Health Seattle-King County, Washington, Dorene Hersh, MSN, RN, is responsible for clinical practice oversight for over 350 public health nurses employed in management, supervisory, advanced practice, field nursing, ambulatory care, and correctional health roles. She is a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation…

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